April 4, 2012

Jump that!

Warm Up
3 Rounds
20 second Wall Sit
15 Push Ups
15 Sit Ups

Max Distance: Broad Jump 3-5 attempts

Deadlift 3×20 Lighter weight
Walking Lunges 4×16-20 Light weight
Abdominal Twisting
Tabata Burpee

  1. TNutt says:

    Thanks for updating the hours for Good Friday. Are you running normal hours for Easter Monday or will that get updated later as well?

  2. Amy says:

    Did some aux work today:

    A) Bulgarian Deadlift 3×6-8 weighted; paced @ 3″-1-1″-1
    B) Incline Drop Lunges 3×8-12
    C) Back Extensions 3×10
    D) Sorenson Hold 3×15-20″ (equal amount of rest inbetween)

  3. Alona says:

    6pm class:
    1) DEADLIFT (light weight, 20 reps unbroken X 3 rounds) – 115lbs, 120, 120.
    2) WTD. WALKING LUNGES ( 20 lunges unbroken X 4 rounds ) – 25lbs/hand
    3) ABDOMINAL TWISTS ( 20 reps X 3 rounds )
    4) TABATA BURPEES – 8,6,6,6,5,5,6,6.
    Ended with smashing quads and IT Band with 45 lb bar – felt painful but good.
    Nice work 6 pm’ers!
    Merci Alain for helping me with the MUP progression a la carlo Pialo. Much harder than I thought.

  4. Alona says:

    Hey Alain,

    Here is the video by Carlo Pialo regarding MUP prep. In this particular example, it is for OPEN WOD 12.4 but I thought it might be a good starting point for me. Would really appreciate your direction and assistance with MUP progression and training. BTW – Carlo is so darn cute….especially his jeans:) Enjoy!

  5. Alona says:

    OOPS – the correct spelling for Carlo’s last name is PAOLI, not Pialo.

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